Aug 282011

We are now using WordPress for our front page and for publishing other articles of interest. WordPress is a popular software package for blogging, newsletters, magazines and other websites.  We plan to use it for publishing more items that we hope will be of interest, including news about the website and research updates/finds related to our generalogy.

The menu on the front page and other pages served by WordPress contains links to the front page (Home), the Family Trees main page, the Photo albums, and to the News and Research  articles.  When other article categories or pages are added, this menu will be updated.

In the Family Tree pages, the Home link under the header with return you to the front page, while the Contents menu on the main Family Trees page and the dropdown menus in the upper right of other Family Trees pages will continue to be used to navigate the main features of Family Trees. A search box for the Family Trees has been placed on the front page.

The Photo albums remain accessible from the Photos menu item on the front page, however, some of the navigational menus within the Photo pages have been lost with the conversion to WordPress. We will work to replace these, but in the meantime you’ll need to use your webbrowser’s bookmark or ‘Back’ functions to return to parent albums or to the site’s front page.

Annette & Arthur

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