New Comeau-Como Photo Album

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Jan 252013

A new Comeau-Como Family Album has been added to the Photo Gallery on our site.

Spelling of the Comeau name was changed to Como for some families. One family who went by the name of Como was that of Capt Sylvine Como who was a sea-captain and later operator of the Como Hotel in Joggins, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.

The majority of the Comeau\Como’s that are on our site are descendants of Joseph Comeau (b.1724) and his wives, Anne Aucoin and Madeleine Hebert.

  5 Responses to “New Comeau-Como Photo Album”

  1. Dear Annette,
    I came across the wonderful photos of my GGG Grandfather Captain Sylvine Como (Comeau) ancestors today and was overjoyed. Henry Emerson Como’s son Herbert emigrated to the US in the mid ’20s. Herbert is my mother’s father, and my grandfather. He died in 1966 I believe and is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Saugus, MA. His wife was Blanche Ritchie, of Sydney, and she also lies in Riverside Cemetery; she died in 1984. My mother (she will be 91) will be overjoyed to see the photos. I have long searched fruitlessly for information on Joseph Como, b. 1819, and to see his photo was so exciting I had to call relatives who remembered visiting family in Joggins many years ago. I am so grateful…Sheila

    • Sheila, I would like to make contact with you and see if we might be able to exchange some information. My grandmother was the older sister of Blanche Ritchie and also immigrated to the Boston area from Sydney. I remember visiting Aunt Blance and Uncle Herbie several times when I was a youngster over 50 years ago! How wonderful to be seeing their names again through the Internet.

      • Hello Robert,
        You must be speaking of Aunt Vi (Mom pronounces it as “Vee”). I have heard about her many times from my mother; I recently came across a lovely b/w snapshot of my grandmother Blanche and a lady who I think is Aunt Vi. Annette has my email and she can certainly pass it along to you. I would be happy to connect with you.

  2. My GG Grandfather was Amos Comeau(brother of Sylvine) . born in Joggins, NS, he moved to New Bandon, New Brunswick (Bathurst area) when he was a young teen (around 14 or 15). From what I heard, his brother Sylvine sailed overseas and he like the spelling of Como so he changed the family name from Comeau to Como, but Amos, the eldest sibling was already gone to NB and his name never changed.

  3. Actually, Sylvine Como would also be my Great, Great Grandfather, not my 3′rd great grandfather as I initially indicated above. My great, great, great grandfather would be Joseph Como.

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