Vienneau Y-DNA Results

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May 132019

In 2013-2014, three Vienneau male descendants took the Y-DNA 37 markers test. The three males descend from three sons of Therese Baude & Michel Vienneau\Vianot: Jean-Baptiste Vienneau (b. 10 Jan 1754 Quebec city) who married Magdeleine Lejeune; Joseph Vienneau\Vienneau dit Michaud (b. 5 Dec 1755 Quebec city) who married Genevieve LaMontagne; and Francois Vienneau (b. 3 Jul 1762 St Charles, Bellechasse County, Quebec) who married Cecile Cormier.
There was an exact match on the results from the descendant of Jean-Baptiste Vienneau and of Joseph Vienneau\Vienneau Michaud. The result from the descendant of Francois Vienneau showed a mutation on the DYS458 marker of the 37 markers. His result showed 19 repeats at that marker whilst the other two cousins showed 18 repeats of the DNA strand at that marker. That means that over 5 to 6 generations, there has been only one change or mutation that occurred in the Y-DNA in the 37 markers that were tested and compared. At the 37-marker level a perfect or close match such as this strongly suggests (90% probability) a common ancestor within the past 8 generations. It is not uncommon to see 1 or 2 mutations.

The three Vienneau male descendants that were tested belong to the Haplogroup R-Z2566, a subclade of R-M269.

Even though there is a good paper trail on the Joseph Vienneau\Vienneau dit Michaud line, there were some questions as to whether they were descendants of Michel and Therese.  The Y-DNA test provides additional proof that they are indeed Vienneau descendants. Other people with a Michaud surname, who are not known descendants of Michel and Therese, have tested and belong to Haplogroup J and not R.

Jan 122014

In the spring 2013, Annette had one of her mother’s first cousins (a Vienneau descendant of Francois s/o Michel Vienneau\Vianot & Therese Baud) tested for his Y-DNA 37 markers. The test results predicted that he belonged to haplogroup R and is of the subclade R1b1a2 (R-M269). R1b is one of the most common haplogroups in Europe. The R1b subclade evolved through several mutations of the original R group and this R1b subclade journeyed into Europe approximately 25,000 years ago.

We are in the process of testing two more Vienneau descendants from two different sons of Michel and Therese (Jean Baptiste Vienneau who married Magdeleine Lejeune and Joseph Vienneau\Vienneau dit Michaud who married Genevieve LaMontagne and whose descends today go by the surname of Michaud).

Two more generations of the Vianot line in France have been added to the database.  Our thanks to Lea LeBlanc who searched online for many hours and days during 2013 and located this information on the Vianot’s on other websites as well as in online images of old French parish registers.