May 082013

Following my e-mail to cousins on the Oulton line, two cousins agreed to take the Y-DNA 12-marker test while a third cousin ordered the 37-marker test. The initial results for these tests are now available. As hoped, all three results match at the 12 marker level. While we will soon upgrade one of the kits from 12-markers to 37-markers, to confirm we still have a match at that level, there is little reason to suspect we won’t. Once we have a 37-marker match we will know the Y-DNA signature of Charles Oulton who married Abigail Fillmore as he is the most recent common ancestor for the three testers.

Family Tree DNA (the testing company) has now provided a haplogroup prediction of R1b1a2 which has a terminal SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) of M269. This is one of the most common haplogroup in Europe (  Given this, I will investigate whether it would be useful to do more SNP testing to determine the specific haplogroup subclade for our Oulton line.

Also, as expected, there are no genealogical significant matches to other non-Oulton test kits. I am not aware of any descendant of any other Oulton family not connected to our John Olton of Tarporley line who are being tested. As I previously mentioned, I have contacted several member of other Oulton families and suggested that they be tested but without success.

You can see the test results on the Oulton DNA Project page at

This page will be updated as additional results are made available.

Apr 022012

Results of a recent Y-DNA test done on a patrilineal descendant  of Jesse Strang has confirmed a previous test results and proved that Jesse Strang is not a patrilineal descendant of the Strang family of Westchester County, New York.  Although we may never know, the Y-DNA results indicates that a member of the Tompkins family of Westchester County, New York is likely Jesse’s father.  I also strongly believe that Jesse’s mother was Mary Strang, daughter of Daniel Strang and Elizabeth Galpin and brother of Daniel Strang the recruiter, who later married Jacob Silliker.

More details on the Y-DNA test results, our analysis and conclusions can be found at Jesse Strang DNA.