Apr 022012

Results of a recent Y-DNA test done on a patrilineal descendant  of Jesse Strang has confirmed a previous test results and proved that Jesse Strang is not a patrilineal descendant of the Strang family of Westchester County, New York.  Although we may never know, the Y-DNA results indicates that a member of the Tompkins family of Westchester County, New York is likely Jesse’s father.  I also strongly believe that Jesse’s mother was Mary Strang, daughter of Daniel Strang and Elizabeth Galpin and brother of Daniel Strang the recruiter, who later married Jacob Silliker.

More details on the Y-DNA test results, our analysis and conclusions can be found at Jesse Strang DNA.

Dec 082011

This morning while doing some searches on Ancestry.ca I found a record for a marriage of Arthur Owen and Elizabeth Lee at St. Mary, Whitechapel, London on 2 July 1786.

So is this for our Arthur Owen and Elizabeth Lee?

We know that their first child, Arthur Lee Owen, was baptised at St Mary, Rotherhithe so having Arthur Owen living there before his marriage would make sense.  Family stories also have them being married in London, but at St Martin in the Fields.  However, baptism entries from Exeter, Devon would indicate that Elizabeth was from there, so how and why was she in London? But, for me, the  clincher was that the signature for Elizabeth Lee in the marriage record is very similar to a copy of her signature that I found this summer at the PEI Archives and Record Office, particularly the ‘E’ and ‘iza’.

Thus I believe this is the marriage entry for our Arthur Owen and Elizabeth Lee.

I would appreciate any comments you may have concerning my assessment of this document.