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the parish of Shemogue



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bourg, Natalie  7 Mar 1821the parish of Shemogue I9193
2 Bourk, Anastasie  7 Apr 1823the parish of Shemogue I14447


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bourg, Hilarion  18 May 1836the parish of Shemogue I1214
2 Brun, Claire  8 Mar 1837the parish of Shemogue I7100
3 LeBlanc, Casimire  12 May 1845the parish of Shemogue I8960
4 Leger, Domitilde  Aug 1819the parish of Shemogue I2848


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brun, Aime  21 Sep 1832the parish of Shemogue I7111
2 Brun, Claire  16 Jun 1837the parish of Shemogue I7100
3 Duguay\Dugay, Felicite  12 Jan 1846the parish of Shemogue I3234
4 LeBlanc, Casimire  27 Nov 1845the parish of Shemogue I8960
5 Leger, Anne  13 Jan 1818the parish of Shemogue I9691
6 Leger, Domitille  10 Mar 1844the parish of Shemogue I9721
7 Leger, Julie  29 Sep 1817the parish of Shemogue I9663


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 Bourg, Osithe  10 Mar 1828the parish of Shemogue I7147
2 Bourk, Andre  17 Jul 1816the parish of Shemogue I7146
3 Bourk, Jacques  17 Jul 1816the parish of Shemogue I7145
4 Bourk, Julie  12 Oct 1818the parish of Shemogue I7134
5 Brine\Brun, Fidele  30 Aug 1835the parish of Shemogue I7112
6 Brine\Brun, George Laurent  29 Aug 1832the parish of Shemogue I7110
7 Brun, Aime  29 Aug 1832the parish of Shemogue I7111
8 Brun, Dominique  1 May 1834the parish of Shemogue I9680
9 Brun, Joseph  10 Mar 1828the parish of Shemogue I7108
10 Brun, Justine  1 Jun 1841the parish of Shemogue I7114
11 Brun, Marc  24 Apr 1836the parish of Shemogue I7231
12 Brun, Marie (Mary)  16 May 1830the parish of Shemogue I7109
13 Brun, Maximin  12 May 1822the parish of Shemogue I7105
14 Brun, Philippe  30 Aug 1835the parish of Shemogue I7113
15 Brun, Susanne  2 Apr 1826the parish of Shemogue I14377

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Bourgeois, Placide  Dec 1832the parish of Shemogue I4880


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Bourg, Francois  Oct 1818the parish of Shemogue I2844
2 Bourg, Hilarion  Apr 1836the parish of Shemogue I1214
3 Bourg, Joseph  May 1821the parish of Shemogue I2877
4 Brun, Nicolas  May 1834the parish of Shemogue I3238
5 Brun, Nicolas  Apr 1836the parish of Shemogue I3238
6 Brun\Brine\Brian, Laurent (Lawrence)  May 1822the parish of Shemogue I1331
7 Brun\Brine\Brian, Laurent (Lawrence)  Jan 1824the parish of Shemogue I1331
8 Brun\Brine\Brian, Laurent (Lawrence)  Mar 1828the parish of Shemogue I1331
9 Brun\Brine\Brian, Laurent (Lawrence)  Aug 1832the parish of Shemogue I1331
10 Forest, Paul  Oct 1820the parish of Shemogue I2646
11 Leger, Francois  Feb 1819the parish of Shemogue I3224
12 Leger, Francois  May 1822the parish of Shemogue I3224
13 Leger, Francois  May 1824the parish of Shemogue I3224
14 Leger, Francois  Apr 1826the parish of Shemogue I3224
15 Leger, Francois  Mar 1828the parish of Shemogue I3224

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Babinot, Dorothee  Jan 1847the parish of Shemogue I9209
2 Bonnevie, Christine Louise  Oct 1820the parish of Shemogue I2605
3 Bourg, Joseph  May 1821the parish of Shemogue I2877
4 Forest, Paul  Oct 1820the parish of Shemogue I2646
5 LeBlanc, Gertrude  Feb 1846the parish of Shemogue I7101
6 LeBlanc, Osithe  Feb 1846the parish of Shemogue I9202
7 Leger, Frederick  Jan 1847the parish of Shemogue I9208
8 Leger, Louis  Bef Oct 1820the parish of Shemogue I3226
9 Leger, Pelagie  Apr 1836the parish of Shemogue I1001
10 Melanson, Casimire  Nov 1845the parish of Shemogue I9195
11 Melanson, Hyppolite  Nov 1845the parish of Shemogue I9196
12 Melanson, Marie  May 1838the parish of Shemogue I3223
13 Richard, Rosalie  Nov 1845the parish of Shemogue I9197


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bourgeois / LeBlanc  17 Feb 1846the parish of Shemogue F3855
2 Leger / Babinot  25 Jan 1847the parish of Shemogue F3857
3 Leger / LeBlanc  20 Jul 1807the parish of Shemogue F270
4 Leger / LeBlanc  16 Feb 1846the parish of Shemogue F3852
5 Melanson / Bourg  11 Sep 1838the parish of Shemogue F3848
6 Melanson / Leger  24 Nov 1845the parish of Shemogue F3849
7 Saulnier / LeBlanc  17 Feb 1846the parish of Shemogue F3853

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